Off-Site Backup

The best insurance against data loss is to have a reliable backup. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. A key aspect of an effective backup strategy is to move the backed-up data off-site. This protects you from inadvertent loss, theft, fire and flood as well as internal and external hacking.

Two things are well known:

If you are a small business and are dependent on someone in the office to manually initiate and monitor the backup process it is probably not being done effectively.

Small businesses that sustain a significant data loss have a high probability of failure.

Data Archive provides a safe, reliable and automatic system to save your data off-site every night. Your data is compressed and sent securely to our servers and every morning you receive an email containing the log detailing the files in your backup. The process is monitored for failure and viruses. If we do not receive a backup or our scanners detect a virus, we alert you immediately and work with you to resolve the problem.

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