The Data Archive Off-Site Backup System

The backup software is installed on your server in the administrator account. It sets up a directory where up to 10 days of backed up data are retained locally for easy recovery. We define the directories to be backed up and the system is scheduled in the server’s Task Scheduler.

All backups are initiated by your server. Your system controls the backup. The Data Archive servers DO NOT “reach in” to your system.

Instead, your server uses standard “zip” format to compress your data and then send it over a highly encrypted connection to the backup servers using a secure file transfer protocol.

Your files are written to multiple disks and are mirrored to an additional server in another location.

This redundancy insures the protection of your data. Every morning the system sends you an email detailing the files that were backed up the previous night.

Data Archive monitors the backup process and alerts you if there is a problem. We do everything we can to insure the safety of your data.