Data Security

Where would you be without your business data?
Maybe out of business!

You have insurance to protect your office building, your computers, and your employees, but what about your valuable data? Client information, accounting records, marketing databases, and more. The information on your computers is your business. I can help you secure your data, and keep your business running securely, smoothly, worry-free.

Today, there are a myriad of ways that your valuable information may be compromised. To protect you fully, Data Archive's Data Security System consists of two components:

Protection from Viruses, Spyware, and Hackers
Off-Site Data Back-up

I install and maintain up-to-date virus protection and firewalls, and create a secure network for your business. To back up your data, my Data Archive system is twofold: it includes both internal redundancy and off-site data storage. In addition to creating an internal copy of your data, Data Archive automatically transmits an encrypted copy of your daily data files to its servers. Should you lose even a single file on your entire system, your data can be recovered quickly and effectively. In addition, I personally double-check and confirm your back-up.

I also coach you on how to better manage your data. By organizing your information efficiently, the potential for lost or misplaced data is minimized, and the opportunity for successful back-up of the data is greater.

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